"Intentionally small but extremely effective"

Successfully involved in the spotting of orphan opportunities and the creation of the structures for the delivery of win-win solutions.

Does so by identifying interested partners and acting as a match-maker between Business Opportunities and relevant Solution Providers.

Catalyst and Coordinator!

To The Limit Co acts as a catalyst and coordinator to optimize the synergies of all parties involved.

Whenever Capital Expenditure is required upfront, To The Limit Co advances the necessary funds or takes equity or control of the venture..

Total Responsibility

In special cases, To The Limit Co may undertake as a Principal the implementation and delivery of the proposed solution.

To The Limit Co makes the investment (in staff, property, equipment, working capital) and assumes total responsibility for the venture.

High Quality Consultancy

To The Limit Co is also involved in the provision of high quality consultancy services in the field of Information and Communication Technologies.

Contact Details


PO Box 27507

Nicosia 2430


+357 22 350 192